She’s been bruised and scarred
At times, even cracked
But she’s never been broken
She always puts her life, love, faith back on track

She knows anger and fear
And she’s so well aware of pain
Been talked about by those desperate to discourage
Oh but she smiles without strain

Maybe she hasn’t won every battle
Maybe she’s even died a few times
But she’s fought each fight until the end
With the world on her back and a load on her mind

Even when she’s at her lowest
She stands proudly, magnificently tall
So she deserves each and every one of her blessings
Although she tends to share them all

She loves others without hesitation
Sometimes so much more than herself
Even when she falls, she throws out her hand
To catch a hand and lift up someone else

She has beauty and glamour
She is independence, if it had a face
She has strength and perseverance
She is Leather and Lace.

-Elizabeth (co-founder)

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Spreading Grace


Spreading Grace